10 Strategies To Shift Your Love Life From good to GREAT

10 Strategies To Shift Your Love Life From good to GREAT

Do you believe in strategy? We do. In fact we keep advocating that “great things happen to well prepared people.” So when it comes to finding the ideal partner for a long-lasting blissful relationship, the same thinking applies. If you truly want to shift your love life from good to GREAT, you need to put effective strategies at work.

We know… this is in direct contradiction with what today’s society is preaching.We live in a world of instant gratification. We carry amazing technologies in our pockets that allow us to do things and get information in light speed fashion like never before. So naturally, we think that everything needs to be faster and quick. Our TV programming is filled with “reality” talent shows that convey the idea that we can become a superstar overnight! From nobody, doing stuff by ourselves with our selfie camera in a living room, to having our face plastered on the marquee of a Las Vegas strip casino! But does it really work that way?

Shift Your Love Life From good to GREAT

Think further about our example. The truth about those million dollar act winners is that they are everything but an “overnight” success. They are masters. They’ve been working at their craft, diligently and persistently… forever! Everything they do was carefully planned and thought of long in advance, leading them to develop a system, a methodology that they have turned into a masterpiece. ALWAYS. Trust us on this. There is no such thing as an overnight Maestro. So when we want our love life to be a masterpiece, why should we approach it differently?

Regardless of our age, gender, situation, or how many heartbreaks we may have had, if we truly want to find a long-lasting blissful relationship, this will likely involve a serious mindset shift on our part. It will necessitate learning new skills, and putting together a methodology, a new process towards love mastery. It will also entail the understanding that “process” takes “time”.

If you are ready to move, because for you, good is just “ain’t good enough” anymore; here’s our 10 Strategies To Shift Your Love Life From good to GREAT.

Shift Your Love Life From good to GREAT

1. Choose No Compromise

Make the choice of not settling anymore for anything less than what you truly want your next relationship to be. May sound simplistic, but it starts there.

2. Establish Your Self-Worth

Get to know who you are. Not what you do for a living, not who you vote for, not your ethnic background, etc. Find out the real you by going within. Make a list of all the things you are grateful for, what you believe in, things you value and last but not least, what you prioritize in your life.

3. Take Stock Of Your Love-Worth

Who’s gonna love you if you don’t? Filter through your Self-Worth answers, then determine and understand what makes you vibrate! When we take stock of what matters to us, what we truly care about, we take stock of our love-worth.

4. Forgiveness Is Your Free Pass To Love

Are you holding grudge against anyone? Perhaps your own self? The plain truth is you have to stop looking backwards if you want to move forward. You have to forgive to be forgiven and be set free!

5. Be Clear On What You Want

What is it that you want of your next relationship? Note that we did not drill it down to a person yet. This is about the relationship, the whole package made up by two individuals, which obviously includes you! From there, drill it down to what you would like your next partner to be. The more details the better. Clarity is Power.

6. Generate The “Well-Thought…Thoughts”

There are actually two full chapters in our book on that topic, so we won’t be able to explain it in full details here. In a nutshell, this is where you get to flex your IQ (Imagination Quotient) to start attracting your ideal life partner. It is a 5 steps process:


1. Clarifying
2. Intentioning
3. Believing
4. Thanking
5. Attracting

7. Run A Tight Ship

This is the 1st step to help you qualify if an individual can be “the one” you’ve been looking for. This means your expectations for the “relationship to be” should be clear for you and the other person. Act with leadership and decisiveness.

8. Choose Carefully Who Gets In Your Domain

You are the CEO of your domain. As you resume dating, you will need to show up prepared for your first “meetings” with the individual, just as any good CEO would do. At this stage, improvisation will only stall and deviate you from your process.

9. Enforce Your Personal Laws

These are the non-negotiable, non-breakable laws or rules that you state for yourself to ensure that you are moving along with the right person. They scream loudly how much you love yourself, they reinforce that you are priceless, and thus, not willing to compromise your own self just to be with someone. Personal Laws emphasize that anything of great value deserves to be handled with care. Go ahead make a list and stick to them.

10. Do Your Homework

We understand all of the above could be hard to register at times. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to download the free templates available on this website to help you complete some of the exercises highlighted in this post.

ReLovenshiply yours!


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