5 Reps to Flex Your INNER VOICE Muscle in a New Relationship

5 Reps to Flex Your INNER VOICE Muscle in a New Relationship

Our Inner Voice or what some call our intuition, our gut feeling or instinct, can truly act as an “internal GPS” in a new relationship. Like the now indispensable navigation devices we all use, our Inner Voice really has the capacity to guide us in the right direction if… we know how to use it! We have come up with 5 Reps to Flex Your Inner Voice Muscle in a New Relationship.

You see we often refer to the Inner Voice as a muscle, one that needs to be exercised and flexed in order to be effective. Think of it as a SPIRITUAL MUSCLE, a little chant that can sing to you loud and clear lyrics to help you avoid disastrous relationship situations.

But like any other muscle, it needs reps to become strong!  Believe it or not, the Mr. Universe Dude sitting next to you in the subway was not born with those big guns… He worked at it.

To become a “good inner voice listener,” we need to start to do just that.  We have to begin to focus on paying attention when a situation arises and… TRULY LISTEN! In other words, we have to do what the Collins Concise English Dictionary says: “concentrate on hearing something.”

The problem with the Inner Voice is that it sometimes speaks up in the most unexpected places and ways.  So how do we rep our Inner Voice? How can we make it stronger? Here are 5 Reps to Flex Your Inner Voice Muscle in a New Relationship:

#1 Stop Rushing. Step Back

We really need to do that before making a tough choice or decision. So, when you first start dating someone new, you want this to be the fine line between “being open” while not “getting overly enthusiastic.” Enthusiasm is good, but too much of it in that specific qualifying timing, can be the nays that will deafen the whispers of your inner voice. What we’ve learned through the years is this: whenever in doubt – we step back. We don’t rush. Precipitated decisions are the enemies of the Inner Voice. By the way, this applies to all areas of life.

#2  Go Back to previous Relationships

Are there some examples in your life when you’ve said: I should have, but didn’t…

Hindsight is 20/20. Most of us have been in situations at the early stages of a relationship, when we had signs, when things didn’t feel right, when red flags were all there, WAVING!!! … Yet we convinced ourselves and justify that he or she is the right person…. Unfortunately, too many of us chose to ignore the signs. Take the time to reflect on those past events and use them to know better the next time around.

#3  Don’t Justify

This one is kind of a first cousin of our #2 tip. Trying to convince ourselves or forcing things out when it just doesn’t feel right, is just counter productive. It doesn’t flex your inner voice muscle and makes it stronger. It atrophies it.

#4  Tune-in to God

For the Christians among us this is not a new concept. This doesn’t mean we should never use logic or analysis. But what it means is to be aware that God will use many persons, events and things that revolve in our “personal universe” to talk to us. Tuning-in to God, asking God for guidance is always a good place to start.

#5  Go to Your Inner Circle

People in your inner circle are the people who know everything about you: the good, the bad and the ugly. They’ve seen you on highs and lows. Go to them. Ask them to help you validate what your instinct or gut is telling you. But don’t do it suggesting answers to them! Open ended questions like “What do you think of…” or “When was the last time that…” are always good places to start.

Please also consider this. The inner voice is like our heartbeat. It works 24/7 for us. All the time. Shouldn’t you start to give it just a bit of attention? Are you truly listening?



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