ReLovenship® 8-Session Coaching Program For Singles

An empowering 8-Session, Coaching Program for Singles with acclaimed Relationship Coaches, Authors and Huffington Post Bloggers Mario & Diane Cloutier! This program is designed to help you overcome the obstacles that hold you back from attracting the soul mate you deserve with the help of personalized assignments and processes.

We are so convinced of our program’s effectiveness that if you are not 100% satisfied we will give you your money back!*

  • Learn how “being true to oneself” multiplies love-worth.
  • Identify the major “roadblocks” that prevent you from finding your soul mate
  • Bring clarity on what you want your next relationship to be
  • Have real strategies to attract Mr or Ms Right!
  • Use proven tactics to help you know if your new date could be the one!
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Learn how to attract the right individual in your life and

People have asked us “How is it possible to find the right person nowadays, especially when one has experienced many heartbreaks or romantic failures?” Our answer is invariably always the same.

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Regardless of our age, gender, situation, or how many heartbreaks we may have had, if we TRULY want to find a soul mate, it will involve a MINDSET SHIFT. It will necessitate learning new skills, and putting together a methodology, a new process towards love mastery.

Many of us have done just that in our love lives. We repeat the same sentimental patterns; we go through the same frustrations, only to eventually buy into the LIE that “true love is not for everyone!” As a result, many of us give up because we just don’t know how to stop the bad cycles…

Coaching Program for Aspriring Power Couples
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You must have heard this saying over and over—“If you keep doing the same things, don’t expect different results.”

Listen, we too have made questionable love choices in our past…We both have been in broken relationships and experienced divorces…We’ve been there, so we know what it’s like. But here’s the deal. Long before we even met each other, we each had individually started to apply the same two fundamentals that changed our lives:

1. We decided to no longer settle for anything less than our ideal life partner
2. We begun to design and apply new tools to help us find that special person

AND…it worked! We became romantically involved in 1998, married in 2001, made a success of our blended family situation, and the best part is, our relationship has never ceased to grow! Excited as we were about our good fortune, we set out to write a book intended for Singles who like us, were still longing to find love again. Since then, the praise from the media and our readers have been overwhelming.

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Here’s why this program is right for you:

  • You’ve been in failed relationships before and seem to repeat the same patterns from one time to another.

  • You are tired of the endless dating scene and its “trial-and-error process.

  • You’ve read tons of books, tried the most awkward flirting techniques, went on a lot of memorable mediocre dates, and made constant efforts to get yourself “out there”...only to feel disappointed time and time again.

  • You see friends and family members getting engaged, married or starting families and you wish that it were finally your turn to experience that kind of joy and belonging.

  • You simply don’t understand why you’re still single. You know that you need a different approach and you’re willing to do what it takes but you just don’t know how...

  • You think there aren’t any “good men or women” available out there...

  • You say “I am happy being alone” but are you hiding behind excuses and stopping yourself from finding your soul mate?

  • Tired of being single and simply don’t understand why you’re not with someone great. You are not sure on how to go about it...

  • You’re ready to meet that person you’ve always dreamt of and experience the blissful relationship you’ve been longing for!


What they say about us:

  • "I've been touched, challenged, and clearly changed the paradigm of how I view my life overall. Relationships are a major part of our happiness. They have given me a guidance and has reminded me to ask the honest questions, be true to myself and thus to others. I loved it and recommend it to anyone who seeks to grow and have a second chance to healthy and happy relationships."

  • "Good coaching. In my opinion that book can help you break the cycle of bad relationship to finally choose the good person for you. I liked that the authors shared a lot of their personal background to illustrate their advices. I recommend it to all that need to close a chapter of their life to have a fresh start."

  • "Mario & Diane from Relovenship have been extremely helpful in providing me the tools to gain clarity about myself and my relationships. The exercises are incredibly useful and the workbook format has encouraged me to write down my thoughts, feelings, beliefs and values. This book will compel you to take action and change your life, for the better."

  • "Mario & Diane, It was our great pleasure having you "ON POINT!" Reading "RELOVENSHIP" speaks openly about the shortcomings of your lives and past relationships which gives the reader hope. RELOVENSHIP illustrates the Power in the prefix "RE," which means to do again, to Re generate and to Re Start... Though you may have experienced hurt in past relationships there is an opportunity to heal one’s self, through self-truth and the power of God!"

    Carlette Christmas - On Point Talk Radio Host
  • "They offered great advice about love and relationships, and they were very fun to speak with. Love and relationship advice are always popular and this couple has plenty of great advice on keeping those relationships strong."

    Melanie Cole -
  • “I found out about ReLovenship from a dear friend and I am SO glad I did. It is the type of self-help book that requires serious introspect. I recently went through a painful divorce. We still love each other very much, but the relationship was toxic. ReLovenship helped me answer the tough questions... I learned how to value myself, set my boundaries, and recognize my self-worth. I am so grateful for Diane and Mario's insight and would definitely recommend this book to others!”

  • "I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Mario and Diane at a book signing here in Florida. They are an absolute beautiful couple. They exude love.This book hands down help save my marriage. I plan on sharing it with all my friends whether they are single, dating, engaged or married. We all must focus on loving ourselves."


Are you ready to start your ReLovenship®
8-Sessions Coaching Program For Singles?

For A Limited Time Only Your Private Coaching investment
—you alone with Mario & Diane— is reduced from $3,997.00 USD to $3,147.00 USD.

All sessions are up to 60 minutes, once every 7 to 10 days, and are conducted via phone or Skype at the client’s discretion. The program stretches
over an 12-week period. If you are not 100% satisfied we will give you your money back!* Places are limited and pricing is subject to change.

Finding True Love is no different than any other areas of life: it starts with a decision.

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*As per the terms and conditions highlighted on our registration process.

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