Top 2 Advice to Know if He or She is The One

Top 2 Advice to Know if He or She is The One

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to Know If He or She Is The One when we are in a new relationship?  Wouldn’t that simplify things? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple for many of us. In fact, it’s one of the most popular questions we get from our readers and clients:  “How can I really be sure he’s the one?”

Well, the plain truth is, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS BE SURE! Although please understand that, SURE, does not always equate to error-free… Understand also that there will be bumps on the road whether she turns out to be Ms. Right or not. It’s just the way it goes.

Top 2 Advice to Know if He or She is The One

Sadly though, too many of us get blind folded in a relationship. We get stuck too long in the infatuation phase and we simply refuse to look at the signs that are ALWAYS there for us to see IF… we are willing… an emotional high without any commitment. For that reason, we like to keep things simple and straightforward whenever we get confronted with this issue. Simplicity brings clarity. And when it comes to clarity, here is something we want to make very clear: Infatuation is not love, it’s an emotional high without any commitment.

So here is our Top 2 Advice to Conquer Indecision and Know if He/She is The One. We hope it will help you move forward with confidence.

1. A Blurred Vision Will Get You In The Ditch

Have you ever driven in a blizzard? Or riding your car at night on a poorly lit road behind a messed up windshield with no water fluid left in the tank? Yes? Well then you know those are strong warnings to stop the car before you get in the ditch. Your relationship is no different.

If you and your partner do not have a CLEAR vision of what you want your relationship to be, or, if you “kind of have” one but you are not quite sure if the two of you are in alignment with it… WARNING! It’s time for you to pause and start to define for yourself what your vision is. Then if the two of you can’t agree with it… what is there left to debate about???

2. Are You Embarrassed?

Okay, now we’re dropping the bomb on you. The 800-pound gorilla is in the room so don’t pretend You Ain’t Seeing It!
Are you embarrassed and uncomfortable with him or her in public? I mean we know you like the guy but be honest here. Does he make you want to shrink smaller than Peter Pan when he tags along on your nights out with your friends or family? Or worse, do you simply avoid social outings to spare you the aggravation or discomfort? Come on. If he/she were “The One” you would be very, very proud to be accompanied with that individual. Not the other way around.

Mario Cloutier & Diane Sawaya Cloutier
Mario Cloutier & Diane Sawaya Cloutier
Mario Cloutier & Diane Sawaya Cloutier
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