Are Celebrities Doomed For More Breakups Than Most of Us?

Are Celebrities Doomed For More Breakups Than Most of Us?

Are celebrities doomed for more breakups than most of us? It’s hard not to ask ourselves that question isn’t it? Traditional and social media are now filled with “breaking news” about celebs who have decided to part ways, for better or… for worse!

So, we question this “phenomenon.” We examine if it is any different from our own universe and if there is anything that can be done to prevent a relationship to go sour or even, terminated.

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 Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber. Photo: Andrew Evans / PR Photos

Aren’t you grateful about the long checkout lines at the supermarket? No? Well, we are! For us, it’s the perfect venue to catch up on the “state of relationships” in Hollywood. Here’s a recap of what we recently saw glancing at the magazine stands:

 “Oprah’s had ENOUGH!
She’s shown Stedman the door!”…

“Brangelina… IT’S OVER!”

“After 11 years, Liev and Naomi
are calling it quits”

And on and on it goes. So…
are celebrities doomed for more
breakups than most of us? 

We’re not sure about that. However, “what we know for sure” (okay, that’s Oprah’s line) for having been down that road in our “former lives,” is that a separation after many years in a relationship is heart breaking, especially when it involves children.

Celebrities are human beings. They too can suffer from a broken heart. And the reasons that trigger their breakups are no different than ours:

      • It’s demanding  careers.
      • It’s new personal interests.
      • It’s family life pressure or even health issues.
      • It’s cheating.
      • It’s a lack of communication.
      • It’s loss of trust.
      • Etc.

All of these are issues that don’t usually just blow up. They’re more like a balloon that’s been seeping air for a long time. After a while, it becomes deflated. So, is there a cure for all of this, a way to prevent deflategate (sorry Tom!…) in a relationship?
There is certainly not one straight answer to that question. We think it varies a lot in proportion to “how much damage” has been done in the relationship.
Are Celebrities Doomed For More Breakups Than Most of Us?

Can a relationship be salvaged when a lot of damage has been done?

Regardless of how toxic a relationship has become, one of the major reason people continue to hold on, is the fact that they have a shared history. A history made of kids, friends, family, and all sorts of memories. A history that once started with a “vision.”

When you look at “successful couples,” the ones that seem to go through thick and thin together, they all seem to have one key fundamental in place.  They have a compelling, aspirational and clear vision of what they intend to aim for together. That’s what makes them stronger, inspire them to move forward, guard them against futile arguments and events that start maliciously to seep their air. In short, their crystallized vision serves many purposes but the primary one helps them remember “why” they are together at the first place. (For more on Couple’s Visions, check out our post “4 Principles To Help You Become A Power Couple”)

However, when a relationship never had a real common vision and a lot of damage has already been done, the harsh truth is, sometimes it may be more harmful for the couple to stay together. And let’s also look at another reality: a breakup is a time to reflect on the relationship and make an honest self-assessment before jumping into another one. Every romantic setback is an opportunity for a life-changing comeback.

As for Liev and Naomi, it appears that they are moving on individually with their lives. In a statement the former couple said that they were looking forward to co-parenting their boys and “exploring this new phase of our relationship.”  We wish them, and all other celebs on the front of our gossip magazines, all the very best.

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