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Chapter 2: Self-Worth multiplies Love-Worth

What do you think of yourself? We mean the whole package, mentally, physically, spiritually, and relationally? If you kept score and 10 were the perfect mark, what would it be? That’s a biggy isn’t it? The reality is your score is probably higher than you think.

We believe self-worth multiplies love-worth. In fact the effect is exponential. If you lack the former, you just can’t have enough of the latter. In other words you have to love your own self first in order to be worthy of love. And it’s only in doing that, that you can give yourself permission to love again.
Do you know why storytelling is so powerful? Because everybody loves a good story! Hollywood got that a long time ago; children’s books editors got it too; and so did the broadcasters and the like. But the question is: do you get it?

It is so true that stories at the movies can uplift our spirits. What is more truthful though, is that our “stories” (aka, the “stuff” we convince ourselves to be true about… ourselves) can also be very harmful if we are not aware of them. Mahatma Gandhi used to say “A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.

“Personal stories” have the ability to manipulate our most intimate behaviors; sometimes in ways that we couldn’t even have predicted for ourselves! Why is that? Well, the harsh reality is that not too many people take real count of who they are as individuals. Very few “get to know who they are” to assess their self-worth.

For the record, appreciating your self-worth should not necessarily be a reflection of what we are now used to seeing daily on Instagram… Although one could argue it is really the ultimate “selfie!

Appreciating your self-worth means you can’t be efficient with a significant other without first trying to “getting to know who you are” and loving yourself first as a person. Consequently, it involves doing a minimum of “soul searching” in unveiling your “stories.”

It may sound simplistic, nonetheless, it’s not that easy to grasp for most people. However, we firmly believe it is the essential starting point for any ReLovenship™. Who are you? What are your “stories?” Not only the ones you tell to anyone willing to listen but also, more importantly, the ones you have convinced yourself to be. Ever asked you those questions? No? That’s fine, let’s look at it together.

You are probably persuaded to be many things and rightfully so! We are human beings! The most sophisticated beings on Earth. As such, we have the freedom to do anything that we want. Anything. As a matter of fact, we are the only species with the combined power to choose, think, create, change, improve, imagine, believe, remember, feel and love! And even more! There is so much “propelling fuel” in the preceding ten verbs that they are worth repeating.
We own the combined power to:
• choose
• think
• create
• change
• improve
• imagine
• believe
• remember
• feel
• love

Chapter 3: Taking stock of your Love-Worth

“Getting to know who you are” is no easy task. Quite frankly this requires time, honesty and courage! So we salute you for that! But we’re not done yet! There is still critical work to tackle in your ReLovenship™ process. And you guessed it: only you can do the work!

We explained in chapter 2 that increasing your self-worth has an exponential effect on your love-worth. We also highlighted that your self-worth is equaled to the sum of your Gratitudes, Beliefs, Values and Priorities or what we’ve labeled as your “set of GBVP’s.” We believe that to be “who you are.”

Chapter 4: Four Liberating Secrets

Most secrets by definitions are intriguing and before we get into the “four” we have in store for you; let’s examine quickly different kinds so that we are clear on what makes a “liberating secret” unique.
For instance “family secrets” are by nature imprinted in blood and they are taboo. (Not tattooed, although…) Each one in the tribe knows them, but no one dares to talk about them.

When you look closely at “trade secrets” you find that they are the type that many are willing to sell their soul for. Letting the enemy in on a trade secret categorizes you automatically as a traitor.
You also got the sacred “state secrets”. Those are placed at the top of the moral altar in many countries and are supposedly worth sacrificing lives for.

So what about Liberating Secrets? What are they precisely? What “flavor” and “personality” can we attach to them?

To us they are to the spirit what the sight of a long awaited rest area on a highway with no exits is to your body… A sensation of pure relief, liberation and freedom!

You experienced the Liberating Secrets several times before but, “life” being what it is, you probably forgot them and more importantly, you forgot how powerful such feelings could be. Need examples? Let’s start with a housebreaker: the day you learned to tie-up your shoes by yourself! Woooooooow! Remember that feeling? You were the King of the Jungle! And what about when you rode that bike down the street without the two little side wheels in the back? Talk about liberation ahhh? Or when you became amongst the “selected few” that knew everything there was to know about the birds and the bees? You felt like you were it, didn’t you?

The list goes on and on but the point about Liberating Secrets is this: once you are in on the “secret”, you experience a sensation of pure relief, liberation and freedom, a sense of true consciousness and self-awareness. It just brings you to another level.

The four Liberating Secrets that we’ll share in the following pages will do just that for you. If you learn to apply them at the right place, at the right time and with the right people, it will help you engage in that blissful relationship you always hoped to have but maybe never thought would be possible. They are the last critical pieces of the puzzle you need to put in place before you can start attracting the one.

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